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Adriatica Audiology was established after many in-depth conversations and brain storming sessions between two long-time friends and colleagues. Both were tired of rigid corporate hearing practices, and they designed a system that would provide more flexibility and better service to their patients.

At Adriatica Audiology, we offer patients the opportunity to test drive new technology in their own homes for 14 days. We want our patients to know that the hearing aid they choose truly fits into their lifestyle before they make a commitment. With Adriatica’s emphasis on expert care and service, we have an almost 90% after-trial combined retention rate.

If you are searching for hearing healthcare that is patient-centered with a focus on measurable results, Adriatica Audiology is the hearing practice for you.


Bary E. Williams, Au.D.

Born with hearing loss, Dr. Bary struggled in his early life to be completely engaged in the world around him. School could be difficult as he couldn’t understand his instructors. In his early career, work situations could be difficult as he would mishear instructions and his bosses would mistake his hearing loss for insubordination. It was frustrating.

It wasn’t until he tried a modern hearing aid at the insistence of a colleague that his life changed forever. He discovered that he was actually pretty good at learning. He was in his mid-twenties when hearing aids changed his life, and he has spent the subsequent decades being an evangelical for hearing healthcare.

He slowly went back to school to get his masters and eventually his doctorate in audiology while working on the front lines as a hearing aid specialist during the day.

Dr. Bary believes that hearing aids will change his patients’ lives, just as they did his. Being able to hear properly increased his confidence and empowered him to go back to school and be successful. He knows the difficulties hearing loss can present, difficulties he spent years ignoring so he could just get by.

When he finally got treatment, he realized the daily compromises he made for his hearing loss instead of getting treatment just weren’t worth it. The extra stress it added would have shaved years from his life. And statistics are now showing that men with hearing loss have a higher mortality rate and are three times more likely to fall and injure themselves.

The latest research is tying hearing loss to dementia, depression, and even heart disease.

Hearing is incredibly important for a healthy, well-rounded life.

Dr. Bary refuses to sell hearing aids that he would not wear himself, and he has personally tested all of the products that Adriatica Audiology offers.

Dr. Bary has been in practice for over 30 years and has worked for several of the largest hearing aid manufacturers. He lives in Fairview, Texas with his wife of three plus decades, Nina and their Empire Shih Tzu, Mulan (named by a grandchild for the Disney Princess).

Denny Denton, BC-HIS

Denny has dedicated his career to helping patients with hearing loss reclaim their lives. Working in many facets of the industry, Denny’s career in hearing healthcare has spanned over two decades.

He has filled the roles of a Nationally Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, factory representative, and regional manager for major hearing aid manufacturers. Before coming to Adriatica, Denny was the manager of retail operations for a national chain of hearing clinics. He has opened and managed over 32 successful clinics for major hearing manufacturers nationwide throughout his career.

Having worked in the corporate world for years, Denny decided he wanted to do something different. He wanted to be an independent practitioner and give his patients more flexible and personalized care than corporate policies allowed.

He saw a need in the hearing industry for patients to feel more in control of their hearing rehabilitation. As a result, he created the holistic two-week-trial that Adriatica offers all of their patients.

Denny now walks to work from his home in McKinney, Texas that he shares with his beautiful wife of over 32 years, Lisa, and their friendly West Highland white terrier, Boomer.

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