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Are We Crazy – 2 Week Trial for Siemens Hearing Aids

Dr. Bary Williams
Dr. Bary Williams

In all my years with hearing loss, I have never experienced anything like the Siemens Binax Hearing Aid. It is the most comfortable hearing aid I have ever worn.

We are offering a free two week trial of it in our two offices so my patients can really see the difference it makes. If you would like to be part of this trial, please contact us today. I urge you to experience the world of difference Siemens hearing aids can create in your life. They are hands and feet above any technology I have experienced in the past. 

I have worn hundreds of different pairs of hearing aids in my life. I have been hard of hearing now for 60 years and I have tried every manufacturer and have seen almost every new gimmick. I have heard all the usually empty promises. Sometimes they were true, and other times, I spent a lot of money only to end up keeping my hearing aids in a drawer.

When I first started wearing hearing aids, forty some years ago, I thought maybe I was just an outlier – someone who couldn’t be helped by hearing aids.
Because they were so uncomfortable, I didn’t want to wear them. In all, I probably paid hundreds of dollars per time I wore those things since I wore them so little. And that was the worst feeling in the world. It made me feel frustrated, if not downright foolish.

When I finally got fitted properly, my life changed overnight. Work was easier. I actually got promoted with a nice raise. Before, I had difficulty because I would only hear part of the directions. And my hearing loss was being mistaken for insubordination.

My social life improved too. Before, I avoided restaurants with friends and family. I would often make excuses to bow out of plans so I wouldn’t be embarrassed when I couldn’t keep up with conversations in noisy environments. A proper fitting with a good practitioner made all the difference for me.

Let’s be honest: hearing aids aren’t cheap. Online marketers offer you a “deal”, but they short change you on the service end. They’re nowhere to be found if you have a problem. So, in the drawer your hearing aids all too often go.

Doing the math, the cost per use is sky high if you buy even a low end pair to wear for a while before you take them off to live permanently in your drawer. You’ve essentially paid tens of if not hundreds of dollars for each time you’ve worn them. Don’t let that happen to you!

At Adriatica, Denny and I have over 60 years combined experience. We were the go-to problem solvers for several of the national hearing aid manufacturers. And I have worn hearing aids for as long as I can remember.

I test drive every product on our sales sheet. If I don’t like the hearing aids, I don’t sell them. I refuse to sell hearing aids my patients won’t end up using.

To that end, we created the perfect fail safe process that, combined with our reasonable prices, we are sure you will love. We give you a 2 week period to try the hearing aids you are considering absolutely free of charge.

Don’t go to an online retailer and roll the dice, hoping you’ll get something that will fit your needs and be comfortable. Come to a place with a proven reputation and guaranteed results.

Our solution is so effective that close to 90% of our patients keep it after their trial period, even if they have worn hearing aids in the past with only mediocre results. After our trial, we couldn’t get them to give the hearing aids back if we tried!

With a risky online deal, you have a lot to lose. Specifically, hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a hearing aid you might only wear a handful of times. With Adriatica, where we let you try before you buy, you have nothing to lose. But you have a world to gain.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be confident, even in crowded, noisy spaces? Let us help you. Our prices are reasonable. Our people are friendly, and some of the most experienced in the business. You can always come back and buy that super cheap online hearing aid later (but you probably won’t want to.)

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