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Adriatica Audiology Is Teaming Up With Hear4Less!



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Insurance & Hearing Health

There are many insurance plans that don’t cover hearing health. Hear4Less is a hearing benefits program that provides FREE hearing consultations and significant discounts of up to 56% off of hearing aids through a nationwide network of over 3,000 vetted hearing professionals.

How the Hear4Less Program Works

  1. Call 844-339-0655 to schedule a FREE hearing consultation. Remember to request Adriatica Audiology for your consultation.
  2. Once we have fully evaluated your hearing, we will make a recommendation based on hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.
  3. Better hearing begins with a 60-day trial period. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Untreated Hearing Loss Costs More Than You Think

According to a slew of recent studies, going for a prolonged period without properly treating hearing loss can have significant impacts to your wallet in addition to the typical outlined health concerns. One study of note, conducted by the Medical University of South Carolina, found that adults in middle-age that have untreated hearing loss have… Continue Reading

Loved Ones with Hearing Loss – How to Deal

My name is Kaila Williams and I am Dr. Bary’s youngest daughter. My father was born with hearing loss. This means that his hearing loss has been present all of my life. Most days, he’s wearing his new hearing aids and he does really well. The Siemens Binax hearing aid is amazing in its progressive functionality.… Continue Reading

Do You Want to Stay Young? Get A Hearing Check

  According to public opinion, hearing loss is a sign of old age. But, hearing loss can strike at any time of life. I was born with a hearing loss, and my sister was diagnosed in her late 20s with one. What many people don’t know is that hearing loss can actually lead to faster aging. Modern… Continue Reading

Choosing The Right Audiologist For You

    Hearing aids are not something you can just put in your ears and forget about. They are like any rehabilitation device; they take time and patience until they work just right. That’s why the path to rehabilitation is every bit as important as the hearing aid itself.   HOW TO CHOOSE AN AUDIOLOGIST: Be heard. Too… Continue Reading

Are We Crazy – 2 Week Trial for Siemens Hearing Aids

In all my years with hearing loss, I have never experienced anything like the Siemens Binax Hearing Aid. It is the most comfortable hearing aid I have ever worn. We are offering a free two week trial of it in our two offices so my patients can really see the difference it makes. If you… Continue Reading

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