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Meet Gail from McKinney, Texas

Gail K. from McKinney, Texas


Gail knew she needed help for many years before she took action.

She was scared to invest a lot of money just to get mediocre results.

"Denny made it absolutely wonderful."

Going to four or five other providers who immediately pressured her to purchase, Gail hesitated every time.

Her experience with Denny Denton, BC-HIS at Adriatica was very different. She experienced low pressure, thoughtful care that put her in control of her hearing.

When Gail came into Adriatica, she felt immediately at ease. She could see that Adriatica's patient first philosophy set them apart.

At Adriatica, we know that it can be difficult to invest in new technology that you haven't experienced in the real world. That's why we give new patients a two week no-risk trial period of our latest technology. This puts you in control and allows you to decide if it is the right solution for you.

Our two week test drive coupled with our advanced computer systems that simulate real life situations and show our patients the exact tones they are missing without amplification impressed Gail enough that she decided to keep our solution.

Our system is so effective 90% of our two-week trial patients retain our solution, including those who have previously had hearing instruments with mediocre results.

"They’re really amazing," Gail said. "I am sorry I didn’t get them sooner."

Gail didn't tell anyone she was coming to Adriatica to get her hearing checked. After Denny surprised her by letting her leave with a trial pair that day, she surprised her loved ones later that day.

Her family was so excited. Her daughter started jumping up and down, hugging her. "I can't believe you did this!" her daughter exclaimed, excitedly. "I can't believe you did this!"

Gail's children and grandchildren are enjoying spending time with her even more these days. Her hearing aids make it much easier to communicate and share experiences with them.

Gail had struggled to hear her entire life. It wasn't until she was able to try a pair of hearing instruments risk-free for fourteen days that she realized how much extra stress she had been carrying.

If you are like Gail and have been struggling to find a hearing healthcare provider you can trust, call Adriatica today. Our providers have a combined total of over sixty years in the hearing healthcare industry and have worked in high level positions in the major hearing aid manufacturers. You won't find a more experienced, gentle, caring team anywhere else.

And because we know our solution works, we will let you try it risk-free for 14 days with no money down. If you know you've been missing out on some of the key factors of life, but haven't known where to turn, call us today!

"They actually want to teach me to hear again and that's been the best part of my experience."

Adriatica Audiology is patient focused. We believe in helping our patients learn to hear and improve their life. With our rehabilitation program, Gail finally received help for her hearing loss, much to the excitement of her friends and family.

If you would like a two week, risk-free trial of our latest hearing technology, call Adriatica today.

Now is the time. Don't put it off any longer when such a simple action can change your quality of life so drastically.

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