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Meet Patricia from McKinney, Texas

Patricia T. from McKinney, Texas


Patricia had two previous experiences with hearing aids before coming to Adriatica Audiology to try Siemens’ Micon for a two week trial. She was convinced hearing aids wouldn’t be able to help her, but she had to try something for the sake of her family.

Her relationship with her daughter Karyn was suffering because communication had become so difficult. Karyn was frustrated when her mother would speak over her since she couldn’t hear her. After Patricia came to Adriatica, Karyn was so excited. “I feel like she’s blossoming again. . . I feel like I got my mom back,” she said.

Patricia was very excited about the changes she experienced as the result of her new hearing aids. “I can actually have conversations,” she said. “I can actually let them talk. I wasn’t letting them talk before because I couldn’t hear them so I just did all the talking.” With the stress of hearing loss gone, Patricia began to get her life back. She was comfortable in social situations again and she began to go out more.

Karyn loves having conversations with her mother now. Previously their interactions were strained and stressful, but they are now able to fully connect and really enjoy spending time with one another.

And Karyn isn’t the only one who was missing Patricia. When her daughter and Patricia’s granddaughter, Jessica, moved two hours away, it was virtually impossible for the two of them to speak on the phone. Now that Patricia has new hearing aids, however, communicating is a breeze. “Her hearing aids have really changed her life,” Jessica said. “I am just extremely happy that we can communicate again.”

If you have been struggling with hearing loss, you are not the only one suffering. Your family and loved ones are as well. Hearing is the sense that connects us to others and everyone who tries to communicate with you feels the stress of that difficulty. You may think you’re scraping by, but your family probably has a different point of view.

Please, for their sake, come in and take a two week trial of Siemens hearing aids today. You have nothing to lose, but the world to gain.

Stories like Patricia’s are why we do what we do. What will yours be like?

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