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Adriatica Audiology offers hearing aid technology from most of the major manufacturers including Hansaton, NuEar, Oticon, Phonak, Siemens, Starkey, and more. We are an independent Audiology practice which means we are able to offer our patients flexible choices in technology and price based on their lifestyle needs.

Our owner, Dr. Bary Williams, was born with a hearing loss. Audiology is more than a career to him, it is a mission to inspire his patients to live a richer, fuller life through improved hearing. Hearing rehabilitation literally turned his life around and he wants the same results for each and every one of his patients. To this end, he tries out every single hearing aid we offer before putting it on our product list. If it is not something he would wear and personally stand behind, we do not stock it or offer it to our patients.

You can rest assured that Adriatica’s products are high quality hearing aids that will fit your lifestyle and budget.



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