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Adriatica Audiology is a full service audiology practice with a location in McKinney and Plano, Texas.

Our hearing exam is one of the most thorough in the North Dallas area as it was designed by two veteran hearing healthcare professionals. Our patients are empowered to take control of their hearing loss through educational counseling and data tracking. Together, we will pinpoint the exact situations in which you struggle to hear and program your hearing aids to your exact lifestyle demands.

We offer our patients a variety of hearing related services including:

  • Auditory Exams – One of the most thorough hearing exams in North Dallas
  • Live Speech Mapping – Graphically see your hearing loss in comparison to the auditory levels of the voice of a loved one. (We always encourage new patients to bring a spouse or family member to the exam as this information will give you tools to greatly improve your communication abilities with one another)
  • Two Week Trial – Be sure the technology you want fits into your lifestyle before making a monetary commitment
  • Video Otoscope Exam – See your eardrum on a TV screen! Your hearing loss may be solved with something as simple as removing the wax build up in the ear.
  • Progress Tracking and Verification – Our technology will track wear time and will automatically highlight situations in which you are still struggling to hear. Your hearing healthcare provider will use this information to make adjustments and monitor effectiveness. We will show you when you struggle and will provide programmable solutions to make it better the next time you are in a difficult hearing situation.
  • Hearing Aid Maintenance
  • Warranty and Repair Services

Check out this sneak peak of our hearing exam process!

Denny Denton, BC-HIS explains live speech mapping and how clarity of hearing is often lost before volume decreases.

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Have you had your hearing tested recently? Try our free online hearing test!

Have you had your hearing tested recently?
Try our free online hearing test!

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