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Meet Gail, the socially active mother of four who surprised and delighted her family by secretly getting hearing aids. "They were so excited!"

  • About Gail: Gail is the busy matriarch of four children and eight grandchildren. She spends her time volunteering for various causes and being a member of the McKinney Ladies Association.
  • How she used our program: After four or five tests with other providers, Gail finally came to Adriatica. Our 14-day risk-free trial period allowed Gail to realize the benefits of hearing instruments without fear. She stopped having to continually ask others to repeat, and her family was extremely pleased. She was less self conscious in social situations and stopped struggling to hear the minister at church. "I was just thrilled," she said.
  • Results: Gail now enjoys a more robust life. She is more social and less self conscious, and her relationships with her family members have improved overall.

Gail K. from McKinney, Texas

Meet Patricia T., from McKinney, Texas. Her hearing loss was cutting her off from her close-knit family. Her hearing was so bad she couldn’t even talk on the phone. When her granddaughter moved two hours away, she decided to try new hearing aids to see if they could help her reconnect.

Patricia T. from McKinney, Texas

  • About Patricia: Patricia is an active grandparent who is very incredibly close with her children and grandchildren.
  • How she used our program: Patricia was convinced hearing aids couldn’t improve her hearing. She had worn two different sets of hearing aids previously with poor results. Because her hearing loss was creating so much stress at home, she finally decided to try again with Adriatica Audiology. When she received a flyer for our two week free trial, she figured, “What do I have to lose?”
  • Results: Patricia’s life was completely changed. She no longer talks over friends and family and is able to actually have in depth conversations. She can speak to her granddaughter on the phone and stay involved in her life. Whereas her hearing loss previously had made contact difficult and frustrating, she is now enjoying her time with family, friends, and even friendly strangers who make small talk in stores.

Additional Testimonials

Dennis came into Adriatica Audiology on a whim. He already had a pair of hearing aids that worked pretty well, but he received our flyer and was intrigued by the offer. A self-proclaimed child of the 60s, he was missing out of the full range of his favorite music. His other hearing aids made it sound tinny so he would just take them out and turn the volume up. When other people were with him, however, this was an issue. After he was fitted with Siemens hearing aids, he was ecstatic to find that not only could he listen and enjoy music at a normal volume, but that the richness of the music was much deeper as well. ~ Dennis W., Frisco, TX

Russ previously wore one hearing aid, and while he was satisfied with it at the time, he noticed that recently, his hearing loss had been getting worse. His wife and daughter practically dragged him into the Adriatica office, he said. They were so tired of constantly repeating themselves. Russ had also been missing out on going to and enjoying the movie theater. It just wasn’t a comfortable experience for him. During his appointment, we were able to speech map his hearing loss and see where his wife’s voice fit into his hearing loss. It turns out, her voice was largely in the range of sounds that he missed most frequently. Today, Russ is living a much fuller life with hearing aids. The stress that was previously present when communicating with his wife has been eliminated and he is able to enjoy movies with the rest of his family again. ~ Russ K., McKinney, TX

John came into Adriatica after receiving a flyer in the mail. He wasn’t really sure if he needed hearing aids, but after going through the extensive exam process, he realized he needed help. As part of Adriatica Audiology’s signature Two Week Trial, he was able to try hearing aids in both ears for fourteen days. During the first week he realized how much he had been missing in life and how much of a burden his hearing loss had been for his wife and family. He and his wife have been extremely happy with the results of his hearing rehabilitation. They are enjoying retirement together and are communicating much easier now. ~ John M., McKinney, TX

Don was one of the first patients Dr. Bary saw after opening Adriatica Audiology. He loves the technological aspects of his Siemens hearing aids, having connected them to his TV set and his phone so the audio comes straight into the aids at the push of a button. He can easily control his hearing aids with a remote that he wears around his neck, and he greatly appreciates that convenience. He decided to seek help when he could no longer communicate with his granddaughter whose high pitched voice was right in the middle of his loss range. However, Don got the added benefit of experiencing music like he hasn’t been able to in years. He was able to experience the full depth of music again.~ Don A., Frisco, TX

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