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Untreated Hearing Loss Costs More Than You Think

According to a slew of recent studies, going for a prolonged period without properly treating hearing loss can have significant impacts to your wallet in addition to the typical outlined health concerns.

One study of note, conducted by the Medical University of South Carolina, found that adults in middle-age that have untreated hearing loss have significantly higher medical bills (some over 30% higher) than those of their peers who have no hearing loss. The study brings significant light to the fact that people with untreated hearing loss are at a much higher risk for extenuating medical bills and hospitalization.

Of all the excellent points made in the study, one was particularly frightening – the study participants were middle-aged, NOT 50+ like most hearing loss study participants. The lead author on the study, Medical University of South Carolina Professor of Health Care Leadership & Management Annie N. Simpson, noted that the significant negative health consequences of untreated hearing loss, ““…may manifest earlier than is generally recognized and may affect use of health care across the continuum of care.”

Another study, conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, found that the mortality rate for people 70+ with moderate to severe hearing loss is over 50% higher than those with no hearing loss. Yet again – the consequences of inaction when it comes to untreated hearing loss are evident in research and can affect more than quality of life and the almighty dollar: it could lead to an untimely death.

Audiologists around the country are proactively solving these problems by custom-fitting hearing instruments for those at risk. We at Adriatica Audiology are no different – we take these issues seriously and will work around the clock to ensure all patients have every available option to prevent the aforementioned consequences.

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